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Jarvis Fest Gig 

I'm doing a set at the Jarvis Fest on August 4th at 1:15! C'mon down to hear some original music and soak up the atmosphere. Located at Jarvis Ave. between Ashland and Greenview in Rogers Park.

Update #29 

If anyone has any advice about learning to suck the hours from the timeline of others and add them to my own, effectivly giving me more hours in the day, hit me up. kluvubye.

Update #28 

Sorry about the hiatus, everyone! I've come to the conclusion over the holiday that the monthly videos were becoming the proverbial feather to the camels back when considered along with the fact that I'm working more than full time. This was causing me undue anxiety and, I feel, affecting the quality of the product too greatly to continue going forward. I will still be releasing these updates, however. Not quite sure what I'm going to be doing here... maybe spill all my darkest secrets...? maybe a bunch of stupid jokey stories? maybe updates on how my music skills and writing are progressing? Maybe all of those, and maybe none. Isn't fun when things are vague? No? GET USED TO IT! I'M A PERSON!! I CAN BE UNSURE OF THINGS!!!... and "example A", ladies and gentleman. It's going be a... well... *some* kind of ride, that's for sure. kluvubye.

Update #27 

Bad new. With the holidays and my still iffy health, I've decided to postpone the monthly recording until next month, seeing as I dont feel I have the time or the well-being to put out a stellar product at the moment. Keep your eyes here for more updates and announcments however! happy holidays ppl. kluvubye.

Update # 26 


I still have a pretty severe cough and with x-mas coming up the new song will be pushed back a week but i have a good long break to really make sparkle, so expect great things. bigly things. the greatest, bigly things. oh, god... its contagious... too.. much... politically... based... depression... inducing... news... bleh... kluvubye

Update #23 

40 hours a week is the best thing eveeeeeeer--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA--how have your perpetual mortal torments treated you this week--HAHA--I'm great. Kluvubye

Update #22 

Reeeeaaaallly sorry havnt been to any open mics! with work and lessons its getting tough, but slowly im gaining more stamina and hopefully I'll be able to move some things around kind of soonish, and dont dont worry, the song will still release just like normal. Promise. k, luvubye

Update #21 

Man, getting my full-time legs is rough. really trying to get back to some open mics, will do eventually, promise. hope you guys enjoyed the song in the mean time. uh... yeah. luvubye.