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Jarvis Fest Gig 

I'm doing a set at the Jarvis Fest on August 4th at 1:15! C'mon down to hear some original music and soak up the atmosphere. Located at Jarvis Ave. between Ashland and Greenview in Rogers Park.

Update #29 

If anyone has any advice about learning to suck the hours from the timeline of others and add them to my own, effectivly giving me more hours in the day, hit me up. kluvubye.

Update #28 

Sorry about the hiatus, everyone! I've come to the conclusion over the holiday that the monthly videos were becoming the proverbial feather to the camels back when considered along with the fact that I'm working more than full time. This was causing me undue anxiety and, I feel, affecting the quality of the product too greatly to continue going forward. I will still be releasing these updates, however. Not quite sure what I'm going to be doing here... maybe spill all my darkest secrets...? maybe a bunch of stupid jokey stories? maybe updates on how my music skills and writing are progressing? Maybe all of those, and maybe none. Isn't fun when things are vague? No? GET USED TO IT! I'M A PERSON!! I CAN BE UNSURE OF THINGS!!!... and "example A", ladies and gentleman. It's going be a... well... *some* kind of ride, that's for sure. kluvubye.

Update #27 

Bad new. With the holidays and my still iffy health, I've decided to postpone the monthly recording until next month, seeing as I dont feel I have the time or the well-being to put out a stellar product at the moment. Keep your eyes here for more updates and announcments however! happy holidays ppl. kluvubye.

Update # 26 


I still have a pretty severe cough and with x-mas coming up the new song will be pushed back a week but i have a good long break to really make sparkle, so expect great things. bigly things. the greatest, bigly things. oh, god... its contagious... too.. much... politically... based... depression... inducing... news... bleh... kluvubye

Update #23 

40 hours a week is the best thing eveeeeeeer--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA--how have your perpetual mortal torments treated you this week--HAHA--I'm great. Kluvubye

Update #22 

Reeeeaaaallly sorry havnt been to any open mics! with work and lessons its getting tough, but slowly im gaining more stamina and hopefully I'll be able to move some things around kind of soonish, and dont dont worry, the song will still release just like normal. Promise. k, luvubye

Update #21 

Man, getting my full-time legs is rough. really trying to get back to some open mics, will do eventually, promise. hope you guys enjoyed the song in the mean time. uh... yeah. luvubye.

update #20 

Hey! Guess what sucks! working 8 1/2 hours a day! 
So I didnt make to an open mic this week either. Sorry! I swear once I get my work legs under me, all will be well! Songs still on schedule, don't fret. That's about it, i think... 'kay... luv u bye.

Update #19 

Sorry, people, lots changed in a very short amount of time, thus I was not at an open mic at all this week, but fear not! I will mak my customary appearnce(es?) at one of the normal venues next week as well as release a new song by the end of the month, as promised. I'm working more than eight hours a day now, so cut me some slack, but I will not break my SOLEMN VOW! I SWEAR IT, FAIR PUBLIC! k, luv u bye.

Update #18 

started new job today. tired. still practicing. tired. watch for things from me at end of month and at the open mics on main page. k luv u bye.

Update #17 

Heylleo everybeody! 
Ahem... Excuse me. 
Hello everybody!
So this week been dealing with some work shit that's been pretty stressful, but have been getting some practice in, so that's good. Sorry if you were at the Heartland on Wednesday and were expecting to see me, was feeling a little over whelmed and took some me time. But don't worry, will be back on the horse next week. And will be at Kaffein on Monday too, so come on out and have some awkward fun with people you don't really know! Wait, that doesn't sound right. Come out and have the kind of fun that your perception dictates based on your individual life experience. No... that doesn't really have a rind to to it, either. J-just come out and have fun! There... was that so hard?
Anyway, luv u bye.

Update #16 

This whole week I been all topsey turvey, so NEXT week is when i'm gonna start recording, and have it out by end of month.
Yesterday at the In One Ear open mic at Heartland cafe Pete Wolfe was kind enough to guarantee me the third act spot in the random act list so shout to him and the show and you, if you were there. The feature last night was D.E.X.T.E.R and the Signatures who freaking killed! If you guys get the chance please come out to one of the open mics i do throughout the month and show some love! (In One Ear would be your best bet because, and this is a secret cause I don't want the others to feel left out so shhh, it's my favorite.)
Look forward to the new release next and try to have some fun in between. luv u by!

Update #15 

Got the song I'm gonna start recording next week in mind, just got to make the picture and practice before then. Still hitting the open mics on Monday, Tuesday (uncommon ground on Devon next week) and Wednesday if you just can't keep the anticipatory saliva from sloshing and foaming about your lips.
Gross. That was gross. I apologize.

Update #14 

Hey. If you were at kafein on Monday and missed, sorry about that. I took the holiday off. I needed the rest. So im just hitting open mics right now, will choose new recording song next Monday and get that whole process underway. Go around to all the linked sites on the main page and like, share, subscribe, follow etc. as usual. Don't touch that dial, we've got more amazing music from chicago's only talking otter coming up next! (The next few weeks that is.)

Update #11 

So, im just practicing and resting this week, as has become the norm after a release. Had some shitty work drama and stuff im dealing with, but am meeting some awesome people at the open mics (which you should totally come check out!). that's pretty much it for now. luv you by.

Update #10 

Alright, give it up for week ten!
Okay, settle down. Jeez.
Anyway, now that im feeling much better I'm ramping up my plan a bit and getting back into the performing groove by doing at least two open mics a week, no matter the exhaustion level. Those would be, as of now, Kafien cafe in evanston on mondays, and In One Ear at the Hearland cafe on Wednesday. Feel free to come and check them out, cheer on your boy, or whatever it is you kids do these days.
The recordings are still on schedule. Got the next pic almost done and will begin recording on sat when I get back from housesitting. I know I been cutting it close on these monthly songs, but unless I'm dead or bed ridden, they will come out! You just gotta beleiiiiiiiiiiive! (And subscribe, and follow and subscribe and follow and subscribe and follow...) luv you bye

Update #8 

Hey, that rhymed. So, everyone, I've been laid the hell out this week with a nasty cold and havn't been able to get much of anything done. Barely able to practice guitar, singing was completely out of the question there for a good few days, but I did manage to figure a component of my book trilogy's plot that had me subconsciously concerned for awhile, so there's that. did i mention I'm a writer, too, cause i am. So anyway, if I keep getting better at the same rate production on the next vid should start on schedule, so stay tuned. It''l be a good one!

Update #7 

Hey, people! So this week I've been working and resting, practicing a little bit. I hurt my wrist in my sleep somehow (?), but hopefully it will get better soon. Still on track for release schedule. Every video gets a little better, i think. I have a real hard time recording versus performing, but each time I do it, it gets a little easier, I stay out of my own head a little more; so everyone whose interested in where I'll go from here, stay tuned. Things are about to get really interesting!

Update # 5 

As I've said, i'm working two jobs for the time being, so the next song might not come out for awhile. 33 hours in 3 days is not conducive to creative energy, but it won't be forever. Stay ecxited (or mildly interested, at least) for just a few more weeks. It's coming!

Update #4 

Sorry it's a day late, everyone! thursday was my first day at my second job. I'm not sure how long I'll have two. It won't be forever, but until then songs and updates and things might be coming a little slower. Thanks for your patience! So next week i'm gonna start recording again, and the song should be out on schedule, but if its not, you'll hear about it here! Stay tuned people, I'm just getting started.

Update #3 

So, after the first successful entry of the new series of monthly vids (that shaved at least a good few months of my life to make), this week i'm kinda taking it easy, relaxing, practicing, writing. But don't worry, I'm keeping to the schedule, even if it kills me!