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Upload #6 - The Calm (Original) 

Man, Thor must be pissed, because instead of worshipping him on his day (like I know we all do) everyone was with their family, worshipping another god whose name begins with a T. Turkey. Get it? Thursday. Comes from Thors day. Thanksgiving. Turkey day. No? No. Cool. Anyway, enjoy the new track (6 months in!) and, as always, be on on the look out for more next month! kluvubye.

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Song #3- Walking Man 

Hey! It's out! and with a day to spare this time. Hope you enjoy and do all that sharing and liking and subscribing as is the usual. links to places of listening:

Update #9  

So, this week i'm feeling better, but still not 100%, so no recording this week. I'm house sitting next week and will be  away from the equipment, so that leaves just four days after i get to get it done. Wish me luck!

Song #1: Soldier of Life 

The premiere track of my new set of songs! It's energetic, honest; deeply personal and broadly relatable at once. Enjoy! (if you have'nt yet, dont forget to follow me on the on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to me on Youtube. All links on main page. Whoo! Who loves the internet? This guy...! Kinda...)