Update #28

Sorry about the hiatus, everyone! I've come to the conclusion over the holiday that the monthly videos were becoming the proverbial feather to the camels back when considered along with the fact that I'm working more than full time. This was causing me undue anxiety and, I feel, affecting the quality of the product too greatly to continue going forward. I will still be releasing these updates, however. Not quite sure what I'm going to be doing here... maybe spill all my darkest secrets...? maybe a bunch of stupid jokey stories? maybe updates on how my music skills and writing are progressing? Maybe all of those, and maybe none. Isn't fun when things are vague? No? GET USED TO IT! I'M A PERSON!! I CAN BE UNSURE OF THINGS!!!... and "example A", ladies and gentleman. It's going be a... well... *some* kind of ride, that's for sure. kluvubye.

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