Update #17

Heylleo everybeody! 
Ahem... Excuse me. 
Hello everybody!
So this week been dealing with some work shit that's been pretty stressful, but have been getting some practice in, so that's good. Sorry if you were at the Heartland on Wednesday and were expecting to see me, was feeling a little over whelmed and took some me time. But don't worry, will be back on the horse next week. And will be at Kaffein on Monday too, so come on out and have some awkward fun with people you don't really know! Wait, that doesn't sound right. Come out and have the kind of fun that your perception dictates based on your individual life experience. No... that doesn't really have a rind to to it, either. J-just come out and have fun! There... was that so hard?
Anyway, luv u bye.

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