Update #21

Man, getting my full-time legs is rough. really trying to get back to some open mics, will do eventually, promise. hope you guys enjoyed the song in the mean time. uh... yeah. luvubye.

Song #5 Above The Clouds Of Pompeii (Bears Den Cover)



excuse me.

Like and share and follow the links down the digibrick road etc. luvubye.

update #20

Hey! Guess what sucks! working 8 1/2 hours a day! 
So I didnt make to an open mic this week either. Sorry! I swear once I get my work legs under me, all will be well! Songs still on schedule…

Update #19

Sorry, people, lots changed in a very short amount of time, thus I was not at an open mic at all this week, but fear not! I will mak my customary appearnce(es?) at one of the normal venues next week…

Update #18

started new job today. tired. still practicing. tired. watch for things from me at end of month and at the open mics on main page. k luv u bye.

Update #17

Heylleo everybeody! 
Ahem... Excuse me. 
Hello everybody!
So this week been dealing with some work shit that's been pretty stressful, but have been getting some practice in, so that's good. Sorry if you were at the Heartland on Wednesday…

Song #4- Down in the Valley (The Head and the Heart Cover)

Heeeey, I did. With a day to spare in the month. Check it out share it subscribe follow no punctuation all that good stuff. Let me know what you guys think. luv u by.


Update #16

This whole week I been all topsey turvey, so NEXT week is when i'm gonna start recording, and have it out by end of month.
Yesterday at the In One Ear open mic at Heartland cafe Pete Wolfe was kind…

Update #15

Got the song I'm gonna start recording next week in mind, just got to make the picture and practice before then. Still hitting the open mics on Monday, Tuesday (uncommon ground on Devon next week) and Wednesday if you just…

Update #14

Hey. If you were at kafein on Monday and missed, sorry about that. I took the holiday off. I needed the rest. So im just hitting open mics right now, will choose new recording song next Monday and get that…

Update #11

So, im just practicing and resting this week, as has become the norm after a release. Had some shitty work drama and stuff im dealing with, but am meeting some awesome people at the open mics (which you should totally…

Song #3- Walking Man

Hey! It's out! and with a day to spare this time. Hope you enjoy and do all that sharing and liking and subscribing as is the usual. links to places of listening: