Update #16

This whole week I been all topsey turvey, so NEXT week is when i'm gonna start recording, and have it out by end of month.
Yesterday at the In One Ear open mic at Heartland cafe Pete Wolfe was kind enough to guarantee me the third act spot in the random act list so shout to him and the show and you, if you were there. The feature last night was D.E.X.T.E.R and the Signatures who freaking killed! If you guys get the chance please come out to one of the open mics i do throughout the month and show some love! (In One Ear would be your best bet because, and this is a secret cause I don't want the others to feel left out so shhh, it's my favorite.)
Look forward to the new release next and try to have some fun in between. luv u by!

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