Update #10

Alright, give it up for week ten!
Okay, settle down. Jeez.
Anyway, now that im feeling much better I'm ramping up my plan a bit and getting back into the performing groove by doing at least two open mics a week, no matter the exhaustion level. Those would be, as of now, Kafien cafe in evanston on mondays, and In One Ear at the Hearland cafe on Wednesday. Feel free to come and check them out, cheer on your boy, or whatever it is you kids do these days.
The recordings are still on schedule. Got the next pic almost done and will begin recording on sat when I get back from housesitting. I know I been cutting it close on these monthly songs, but unless I'm dead or bed ridden, they will come out! You just gotta beleiiiiiiiiiiive! (And subscribe, and follow and subscribe and follow and subscribe and follow...) luv you bye

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